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Technomafia is a youtube channe which provide After effects tutorial for all basic and advance learners


All Tutorials are simple but advance level easy to learn for beginners and pro users.


100% responsive to your queries for all old and new tutorials


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 Cary Hickenbottom

Cary Hickenbottom

I've been trying to self-learn photoshop/after effects with software I purchased back in college and never got my monies worth - your tutorials have taught me more in 2 months than I'd learned in 5 years. Thank you.



it's great to see People willing to share their knowledge ... you are a gem soul bruh!
i would ensure regularly visiting your site for the revenue generated and here on youtube as well!hope you deserve a million sub ..... keep up with sharing and you wil be there!
Much regards

Prabhjeet singh

Prabhjeet singh

Love u man Your tutorials are best i loved your tutorials.

Yogesh Sonone

Yogesh Sonone

It provides a very good and on-time service without any delay and tutorials are so awesome that beginner can learn from scratch....just loved it...☺️

Avinash Pandey

Avinash Pandey

Thank You Dude..... you are awesome.

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